Geek Gifts

It’s almost two weeks to Valentine’s day and it’s time to geek up! (If you’re shopping online, that means shopping now to avoid paying for expedited shipping.) Below are some of my favorite medicine-related gifts. If you have no one in mind to buy for, feel free to use that all that saved moolah to splurge on a geeky treat for yourself.

1. Anatomically correct heart necklace (~$50). (Or brain, since that’s probably more appropriately associated with love and feelings.)

(Click the images to be directed to places where you can buy the items of interest.)

2. Anatomically-correct cufflinks (~$12 each). Also available in designs suitable for neuro-enthusiasts, and pulmonologists.

2. Plushies (~$6-$18)

The Kissing Disease

Mono - the kissing disease?

Beating Heart!

Beating plush heart

4. Retro map of the heart

Ork Posters

5. For those already in training, stethoscope ID Tags (~$8)

Available in all sorts of designs at

6. Just for fun (and possibly for yourself?), computer decals.

As you can tell, I am a huge fan of for handmade crafts. They have cute, unexpected things like a pill-obsessed key-chain or a beautiful silver erlenmeyer flask necklace that C got me a while back. They also have an amazing selection of lockets that I have recommended to many of my guy-friends who are searching for gifts.

Happy shopping!



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