Premed Inbreeding

Shamelessly cut and edited from comics

Happy Valentine’s day! Wonder where C and I will be celebrating a year from now…

Regardless of what happens come March, the last few years have convinced me that it could be a great idea for premeds to date each other.

People are almost squeamish to hear how many years we’ve been together (n=3) but it doesn’t feel so long, and in some ways I knew from the beginning that it would work out for us throughout college. There was someone who posted on the forums of a few months ago asking how couples managed to apply to medical school together; the “hopeless romantic” was bashed for admitting that he and his girlfriend had only been together for a few months, and were furthermore just starting their sophomore year. The responses were condescending, and questioned how the original poster could be so foolish to already consider applying or choosing schools based on a relationship that had little chance of lasting until senior year.

I felt that I understand where this optimist was coming from though, and I know I had those similarly precocious thoughts even in freshman year.

It isn’t always easy being in the same field, with similar life goals, as the person you’re dating. In freshman year, I wrote in my online journal that I had been terribly annoyed with C’s off-handed comment that, he was “trying to plan out [his] life, rather than actually doing work.”

That night I wallowed in premed angst,

I don’t believe I have ever gotten close to anyone who has it more together, more figured out, than I do. He’s planning out his life. And then what about me? I don’t even know what I will be doing in a few months, and he wants to figure out what he’ll be doing with his life. It’s scary, and I have never been intimidated in this way. I though it would get better after high school, when we got to college. I thought that I could blithely survive my first two years of college. I might be able to, but C reminds me every so often that he’s “got his shit together.” We’re among the most motivated of couples, but maybe I’m not pulling my weight. 

Sweet Jesus, I am a worrier.

So it is not always easy to date another premed, but at the same time, I think having a boyfriend has made my life a lot better. C made me work hard to kick his butt at the MCAT. He loves medicine a little more than I do, and so I have learned to love it more and more as I date him. It’s also nice to have someone to whisper privately to about things that other people don’t care about (“Goddamn, look at those p-values! Soo sexy…”).

In any case, I hope everyone has a lovely Valentine’s day, or a happy Tuesday if you couldn’t care less. As C mentioned, we did not get to go on a trip away for our anniversary/Vday, which happen to fall within 2 weeks of each other. We’ve had a good few weeks anyways. I helped bake him some V-day goodies today – the green ones that I made came out the color of C’s beloved hospital scrubs.

Bake off with a few of my girlfriends.

Red velvet cake decorated with a green cookie heart; green oatmeal chocolate chip cookies; normal colored, macadamia nut, white chocolate cookies.


3 thoughts on “Premed Inbreeding

  1. This entry is so sweet! I loved this:

    “C made me work hard to kick his butt at the MCAT. He loves medicine a little more than I do, and so I have learned to love it more and more as I date him.”

    Have you two been admitted to the same schools? My long-term boyfriend is not going into medicine, but he has an engineering background, so I definitely relate to nerding out over science, haha. There were many a weekends when I was studying for the MCAT in which we’d do berkeley review problems together, me because I needed to, and he because he’s better at physics than I am .___.

    • Thank you for all your kind feedback, Rosalie. C and I have both been admitted to one of our top choices with scholarships so we are 90% sure we will be together next year, somewhere or another. There are maybe only one or two schools we are more excited about than this school, so we count ourselves very lucky.

  2. Tsiana and Chronicdal: You two are extremely lucky to have each other. 🙂 I wish both of you the best of luck in medical school and in your relationship years to come!

    SDN, Medhopefuls2016

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