What I learned from Revisits

In general,

1. Revisit/second look weekends are like “prefrosh” weekend except with more alcohol and clubbing. Pack appropriately.

2. Don’t be that guy who wears a full suit and tie at the business casual dinner. But then again, don’t sweat the dress code too much – there will be a whole spectrum of fashion choices, particularly among guys.

3. Bring extra pants/shoes. It may rain (or flood like it did two weekends ago in St. Louis).

4. It may begin to feel a bit uncool if you admit you’re set on going to that school you’re visiting, since it feels like almost everyone else professes to be “unsure,” as if they have better choices regardless of whether that’s true.

5. Have a good time, but if you’re commuting from home to the med school for the revisit/second look weekend, don’t feel bad if you feel like you just want to go home at 11 instead of partying it up until 2am with your “new best friends.” College is not over yet for me and relationships in college are something I want to put effort into right now rather than prematurely yearning for the next 4 years when I’ll be stuck with these new kids.

6. There will be some awkward kids. There’s nothing you can do but (1) hope really hard that they make that difficult choice to go to another school or (2) admit that the class is probably big enough that you won’t have to see them much and (3) see it is an opportunity for your class to unite over your distaste for a few of its members. The latter phenomenon is sometimes very apparent in M1 classes.

7. Some schools throw much better revisits than others (better meaning more enjoyable or more informative). Schools have different styles: WashU partied a lot more than HMS for example, but WashU didn’t have enough panel sessions. Stanford apparently had too many panel sessions.)

8. TALK TO MS3’s or HIGHER. The first thing that comes out of their mouths is too often “MS1’s don’t know shit” or some variation thereof. Ask about hospitals, clinical years, Step 1, etc.

Things I learned about myself on Revisits:

9. I care a lot about the charisma of students. It’s something I personally really want to improve for myself so I keep figuring I should surround myself with charismatic people. I wonder if that will hurt me in MS3 when we are graded on interpersonal relationship in the wards.

10. I am not prepared for the partying that will ensue in MS1.

11. I am seriously unprepared for the conversation about what kind of research I will pursue in medical school. Last Wednesday was possibly the last time that I will ever go into my undergrad lab to do work and I am kind of ecstatic. I will need to spend some time this summer thinking hard about this. Maybe I will shadow for a bit after my last exam (of college. forever.)? #workaholic

12. As much as I have finished rationalizing the situation, I am not at all prepared to be separated from C. But somewhere between now and August, this too has to change.



3 thoughts on “What I learned from Revisits

  1. interesting thoughts. at uva, #4 was actually the opposite — you were “weird” if you WEREN’T 100% sure on uva. it might be an interesting disparity between state schools and privates (where a lot more might depend on financial aid packages).

    9) i think you will be fine 🙂

    10) i agree. i think i’m going to stick to what i know best about myself, and if that means i might be a bit isolated, at least i will be comfortable with who i am.

  2. Hello guys, I am an international student currently studying at a U.S. college. I recently read one of yours (one who is an international student and studied at a U.S. college) post on “The Student Doctor Network” forum, and I was really inspired by your comments. I really want to get in touch with you and learn more from you guys. Could you please get back to me (prasidda@gmail.com) so that I can know you personally and know more from you guys. I would really appreciate your help. Many thanks!

  3. It must be hard knowing you’ll be separated. I didn’t like long distance at all. It didn’t work out in my case, but I’ve seen it work for others, so it’s all good. I hope you know you can’t rationalize situations of the heart. Wish you both the best.

    And I’m not a psychiatrist, but try this on for size: you’ve demonstrated concern about interpersonal skills- capacity to party, how you feel about going home early, the potential effect of charisma on 3rd year evaluations- so when it comes to awkward kids in your class, you can’t wait for the “opportunity for your class to unite over your distaste for a few of its members.” Classic Projection. You’re insecure about your social skills, so the weakest endowed in that area get the greatest scorn. Sound right?

    Anyways, thanks for the shout out- I was “that guy” in a blazer (no tie) at the reception. It got me a bunch of compliments from girls and guys. More guys actually lol. Looking fresh and being comfortable rarely hurts

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