“About Us”

“WHAT are you plotting now?!” I moan, fed up with C.

C says that as a child, he used to carry an encyclopedia to elementary school to read during quiet time. “What an annoying little kid,” I laugh. “Know-it-all. Hope our kids don’t turn out so weird.”

But knowing us I’m sure they will. When I ask C what he’s plotting, it’s because even after posting his nth colored spreadsheet with data on medical schools or hospitals on Anastomosed, I see him again at his desk tonight tweaking some new line graphs of who knows what. This kind of obsession can’t be healthy…

I know that from the outside, we are both strange – and stranger together.I am assertive and spendthrift with my words, while C slyly guards his for the right quip, or the right data byte to toss into the conversation. In the same way, he spends hours pouring over data until he finds an evidence-based conclusion, whereas I am quick to follow my intuition and my hypotheses based on personal experience and hearsay. One would guess that I’d be the less reliable and less conservative performer but this often isn’t true. I am much more scared of “getting it wrong” but instead of digging through the data to find out what’s right, I’d rather cover my bases and just try everything just in case. In contrast, when C finds his data-driven answer, he can be easily satisfied. If his forte is this extrospection, mine is introspection in my love of tearing apart what worries me and my drive for figure out how I can change what I do (or how I think) to fix these worries.

There’s really no telling how mess up our kids will be.


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