Step 1 scores at top schools, 2012

Hey data lovers, the latest USNWR rankings are out. The only change in methodology for ranking medical schools is using medians instead of means for the incoming student GPA and MCAT, so there aren’t many significant shifts in overall ranking. I took a brief study break to check out how the top schools stack up by Step1/2CK scores. You might look at the list and notice that the top two schools by Step 1 score are the only top schools left with a preclinical year that is not graded pass/fail. Don’t jump to conclusions, however. When taking incoming student characteristics into account (MCAT, GPA), there are really no surprises. Together, median MCAT and GPA predict 62% of the variance among the top 25 medical schools’ average Step 1 scores. (Step 1 = 69+33*GPA+1.2*MCAT)

2012 USMLE data

I/we haven’t written a blog post in such a long time. I promise to write a more interesting one in the next three weeks!


6 thoughts on “Step 1 scores at top schools, 2012

  1. As usual, great stuff. Isn’t the most recent USNWR the 2015 edition –> 2013 scores? (apologies if I’m just confused). I thought I saw an asterisk saying “*2013 data” which I assumed meant students taking the USMLE in 2013?

    Also, what’s up with Pitt not reporting scores? Anywhere else to get reliable USMLE data on such schools?

    • Yea good attention to detail. I wasn’t really sure how to label the years. It did say 2013 data but, based on correlating the internal data I have from my school with the data reported to USNWR for last year and this year, I think it’s data for 2012 reported in surveys in 2013, published in 2014, in an edition labeled 2015.

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  3. I’m trying to figure out where this data comes from. I can’t see anything on the current USNWR site that lists this data, and schools we’ve talked to about the numbers have denied the accuracy of this. Can you share exactly where the data comes from, and if there’s more recent data? Thanks!

    • It was available on the USNWR site with College Compass subscription. I have not renewed my subscription so I can’t say for sure that updated figures are available.

      It’s interesting, Dr. Rosenstock, that your institution is one of the few that did not report the data. I presume the data are self-reported from schools but most administrators I’ve talked to are unaware who at their institution gave out the data and through what mechanism.

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